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My crush in glasses- Story of how I met my crush

This was how i met my Crush in glasses. I arrived at the church in a black tight straight skirt, polka black and white dots blouse with flair hands. My developing hips, bottom and breasts were well accentuated and I captured everyone’s attention; because I came late to the practice. It was hard convincing my mum to let me go though I had taken permission from her the week before.

Also, three days before, two days before and the day before knowing quite well she actually has trust issues. She kept questioning me where is this church? who is this friend of yours? what is her name? Actually, it was a he but I couldnt tell my mum that male friend invited me; to his church for their Teenage choir rehearsal because they didnt have enough teenagers so I lied.

Well, after begging and looking sad,crying, yes I cried I never believed she doesn’t trust me. She finally agreed and dropped me at the roadside a road close to the street where the church was. Aftermath, She drove to her retail store and told me to go home immediately I was done with rehearsal. I walked and found my way to the church following the descriptions; memorized in my head and walked into it, all eyes on me. I could have been more attractive due to my tight skirt and blouse but well my short hair wasn’t plaited. So, I had to tie it into a fashionable way that only looked fair enough.

My hair was just too short and it had shrunk to a really low size in the sun while I walked to the church. Good afternoon, I greeted the oldest woman present there presumed to be their teacher or coordinator. I looked around, the church was so much different from mine though mine was larger; but theirs was prettier and more posh. The teacher or coordinator looked at me smiling and beckoned at me. Do You sing?” she asked Yes, I sing alto,” I answered.Then she told me to sit.

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I sat among four girls and a fat dark boy as they sang an unfamiliar gospel song. The girl seated next to me in a green dress which was modestly long to the knee smiled at me. She has a small stature fair in complexion with large lit eyes. I tried lip-singing the song at first since it wasn’t a familiar song. As soon as I started getting the lyrics of the song i started singing but I did not sing too loud. I was shy of my voice because I have a unique, loud and thick alto voice. After we sang the song five times flopping at the bridge every single time we sang because it was really complicated and has lot of high-pitches.
We decided to rest and let the instrumentalists rehearse also. Most of the instrumentalists were boys, really lousy boys and among them is my friend; he was on the drum set. The boys were all jeering, chuckling, making jest at one-another, testing their instruments loudly, except for the guy on the keyboard putting on glasses. He played the keyboard gently and solemnly; pressing each key like he was being cautious, he stood tall over the keyboard although he was not really tall. Clad in yellow Tshirt and ash trousers with an ash bag crossed around his chest.
He kept on playing the keyboard, one of the guys who was on the guitar pushed him aside saying jokingly you cant play well joor. The keyboardist in glasses stepped aside on the tiled altar, then he walked away to the other guys. I looked away and waved to my friend he waved back and then got up, he walked up to me and gave me a shake you made ityour warden mum allowed you”. Well, it was not easy making her allow me,I said with a sigh. Two other guys came to us, I know them, they are my mutual friends on social media who knew my friend too. It felt weird to finally meet them.
You look better in pictures the shorter one said and I laugh although its a laugh of chagrin. Yes its true, I cant believe this is you the taller one said, who I used to have a crush on until now; he also looks way better in pictures. The keyboard guy in glasses walks up to us and smiles, he said a joke to my friend, and they laugh. I couldn’t laugh also because I did not hear the joke and that was done purposely. I look at my fingers awkwardly, the boys left and at my back is a girl busy with her phone. She is slightly dark and looks very pretty two big corn row weaves of her long black hair on her head. She is dressed up in a blue flowery blouse and jeans skirt. “HiI say to her and she replies with me good afternoon.
We get talking, I learnt a lot about the church teens department and that the keyboard guy in glasses is her brother, despite there was no striking resemblance due to he is lighter in complexion. The girl who sat next to me comes in with a carton of biscuits and sachet we all take three packs and water. The rehearsal resumed again, while we sang, the instrumentalist kept played too loud. This time I have fallen in love with the song and I also started singing more louder.
I proclaim that I am nothing without Jesus at the top of my alto voice While the dark fat boy led the song in hisfeminishvoice after two good hours the rehearsal came to an end. While stalking the plastic chairs into each other, the boys threw jokes and called one other names, they laughed and threw things at each other. I loiter around waiting for my friend so my crush in glasses walked up to me hey!what church do you attend?” I answer and asks why he cared to know I’m just curious,” he replied, then smiled like the sunset.
I wondered if he liked me, the thought of him doing so made me give a loud teenage girl shrill. I went home with the other guys, my crush in glasses went the other way. That night I wondered if he liked me too I chatted on my little Android smartphone till I fell asleep. The next day,I was added to the teenage church group on WhatsApp of my friends church. Guys from the church chatted me up actually just two.
I chatted with them with chagrin wishing it was my crush in glasses. The next day after lots of explaining and convincing I was allowed to go to the rehearsal again, it is more fun and I get closer to the sister of my crush. I got carried away and sang so loud, that I got a compliment from the coordinator I had a unique voice.
It was thrilling to hear that, I had never thought of that myself, so I sang louder. While the instrumentalists practiced and the singers sang I kept staring at the keyboardist in glasses and I also had to avoid being caught by him, he kept raising his head. I got scared and began talking to my new friend, his sister.
After practice that day I pretended to escort her just to see a little more of her brother, after a little walk she discouraged me and I thought about my mum too. So I waved to her but waved more to him with a deeper smile that was not as beautiful as his. The next day he chats me up……. My crush in glasses chatted me up!
Story by Sadie Talk
Editted By Onasanya Michael

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