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Loving the unlovable I don’t even know who i am anymore. Family neglects me, friends deserts me but how did i get here? (Sigh). How do i explain the unending s3xual urges and cravings i get each and every moment and how i sleep with anything on trousers just to satisfy my unending cravings. Yeah, you may call me a stripper at the club, a drug addict and possibly a pervert.

But, how did i get here?
What’s happening to me?
Do I need help?
Who will i turn to?
Who will help me?
Can anyone hear meeeeeee?
(Screams) I need help (breaks down in tears).

I’m tireddddddd, Can anyone hear meeeeeeeeee?
I feel deserted, rejected, dejected, frustrated, thrust down and fading away just like smoke.
Wait a minute what’s my name?
Ohhhhhhh Am I going insane?
I can’t even recognise who I am (crying profusely).
Somebody Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Years back, I was said to be a stubborn, heady and a spoilt brat. No one noticed my sudden silence so I became self-isolated from everyone. Due to molestation by an elderly neighbor at age 14 I battled fear,hurt and shock. I couldn’t tell my parents but decided to confide in my Sunday School teacher who used me to preach in-front of the class a week later.

Suddenly I was seen as rebellious, spited, everyone in church deserted me like a plague (sobs). Few weeks later, I noticed I started having urge for s3x, I found solace in bad friends that introduced me into drugs afterwards. My parents never tried to counsel me to know what was wrong, instead they termed me as a Jezebel, saying demons had possessed me.

The church turned their back against me. I soooo wished to be loved at that very moment of my life but the condemnation became much for me to bear which led me into the wrong hands. Years later, I gave my life to Christ and worshiped in a church where I became one of the main vocalist.

As soon as they knew about my past, they spited and gossip about me. I couldn’t withstand the shame and hurts that I fell out of grace and No one could reach out to me. None prayed for my repentance, (screams) I was a fallen soldier for crying out loud and not a fallen angel.

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Why can’t the church love just like Christ did?
And why do they condemn when a soldier is fallen?
Can’t they extend love to the UNLOVABLE.
I’m Sarah Davies and I’m one on those seeking to be LOVED by the LOVABLE.

Beloved brethren, there are so many Sarah Davies out there, even in our various denominations that we have condemned unjustly. The bible speaks against us judging anyone. If you see a brother or sister that has fallen, rather than mock or gossip about them, extend an arm of love towards them.

Ask yourself WWJD (WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?. Jesus never condemned anyone, even when he knew Peter will deny him, he said he had prayed for Peter. True Love isn’t about Loving he who loves you but actually loving the UNLOVABLE.

If you are going through your down moment or you are a fallen soldier of Christ, I speak love to your heart today, stand and embrace Jesus, He is able to revive you and rekindle your fire once again. Never give up on God because he won’t give up on you.

Thanks for reading this write up LOVING THE UNLOVABLE. God bless us and strengthen us all in Jesus name.


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